Month: September 2012

Meru National Park – The unexploited wildlife gem

Today we begin the week with a proxy visit to the unexploited wildlife gem that is Meru National Park. Standing 348 Km from Nairobi, this park was once infested by heavy rhino and elephant poachers. But it has also holds precious memories such as being home to the famous Joy and George Adamson as well as their domesticated Elsa the lioness which they released into the wilderness creating the much loved “Born free movie”.  Meru National Park is a green paradise compared to the dry savannah of Kenya’s parks. It has diverse scenery from woodlands to wide-open plains, meandering riverbanks,…

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Chui Lodge & Kiangazi House at Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary

Since our last blog article, we have had an encounter with Chui Lodge and Kiangazi house both located within the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary in Naivasha. This sanctuary has alot of attractions to offer any of its visitor both local and international alike. Committed to the protection, preservation and careful management of natural resources and the environment, Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary carefully administers both the 18,000 acre wild habitat of the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary and the 3,000 acre Oserian Wildlife corridor.

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