About us

Crocodile Racers Adventures (CRA) is a Kenyan owned based organization and a registered tour operator incorporated in 2006. We specialize in planning, consulting, facilitating and coordinating diverse adventure excursions, beach and bush safaris for individuals, families, corporate entities and group safaris. We also handle hotel /lodge bookings, car hire, domestic /international flight packages among other tourism services.

CRA was founded by a group of adventurous and young at heart individuals, who saw an opportunity in promoting budget tourism to the Kenyan market and growing tremendously in handling the International market.

CRA was born in the heart of the World’s most famous National Reserve, The Maasai Mara which to this day remains a strong tributary destination. Dated back in the year 1999 during the Easter holidays, the pioneer group opted to spend the long weekend in the bunduz of Maasai Mara; Our lives have never been the same again because we all found our true identity. The rest as they say is a sweet history.

Our strength is derived in the multi-positive responses and support that we get from our end users coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience in packaging affordable safaris to the East African renowned destinations.

We take this opportunity to encourage everyone especially our fellow Kenyans to take pride in the treasures our Kenyan landscape has to offer, learn how to explore it and help the tourism stakeholders in promoting social and domestic tourism. This way, we shall all partake in the joy that comes with being part of an important history.


  1. Unmatched hospitality
  2. Great passion for East Africa’s natural heritage
  3. We have a tradition of exploration
  4. We design and develop innovative itineraries by customization
  5. We have efficient international communications
  6. We offer complete information and pre-departure service
  7. You will rest be assured of peace of mind – knowing that you are in capable hands
  8. The end result gives you a feeling of “home away from home” experience

Our Vision:
To influence all the young at heart to explore and adventure our beautiful African heritage and the world at large.

Mission Statement:
To be one young organization that helps individuals worldwide to discover who they truly are, and do something rejuvenating with that knowledge by letting go of their “professional attire” and have a close encounter with Mother Nature, the bush, beach and wildlife.

Our Core Values

  1. Operating with honesty and dignity at all times.
  2. Being customer focused and providing value for money.
  3. Perform to the highest levels of competence and professionalism consistently.
  4. Promote eco- tourism that benefits the local communities to ensure the protection of conservation for future generations.
  5. Being a social responsible organization.

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