Meru National Park – The unexploited wildlife gem

Meru National Park – The unexploited wildlife gem

Today we begin the week with a proxy visit to the unexploited wildlife gem that is Meru National Park.

Standing 348 Km from Nairobi, this park was once infested by heavy rhino and elephant poachers. But it has also holds precious memories such as being home to the famous Joy and George Adamson as well as their domesticated Elsa the lioness which they released into the wilderness creating the much loved “Born free movie”.  Meru National Park is a green paradise compared to the dry savannah of Kenya’s parks. It has diverse scenery from woodlands to wide-open plains, meandering riverbanks, hilly landscapes and rich grey alluvial volcanic soil deposits. Three large rivers border the reserve: the River Tana to the South, River Ura to the South-west and the Rojeweru to the East.

A crash of White Rhinoceros in Meru National Park – The complete wilderness – Photo courtesy of Murera Eco Springs Lodge

Facts about Meru National Park:

  • This park is wild and one of the most beautiful parks in Kenya.
  • This park was recently branded as the complete wilderness by Kenya Wildlife Service with an aim to cater for the upmarket caliber of tourists who seek for exclusive and solitary game viewing.
  • Its topography lies on the semi arid zones of North Eastern part of Mount Kenya Region and stranded along the equator.
  • Meru National park perhaps after Aberdare National Park commands a bisect of 13 rivers and numerous mountain-fed streams.
  • This wilderness is home to the big five species as well as the  rare species of reticulated girafes, Grevy Zebra, Beisa and Common Oryx, Greater and lesser Kudu as well as a vast species of birds indigenous to this park

Activities: Picnic at the picturesque Hippo pool, a new observation point from the newly constructed Adamson Bridge, a visit to the grave of Elsa the lioness, Adamson’s Falls, Game Viewing and stunning views of Mount Kenya, Bird watching, fishing among other activities.

There are now several accommodation options catering for every tourist budget; from basic camping at Bwatherongi now Kinna campsite (which boasts of a public swimming pool), to guest houses and bandas, mid level budget tented camps to exclusive accommodation.

  • Kinna & Murera Bandas
  • Murera Eco Springs Lodge
  • Ikweta Safari Camp
  • Elsa Kopje Lodge
  • Leopard Rock Lodge
  • Rhino river Camp
Double room at Ikweta Safari Camp

Please talk to us for discounted rates to the above lodges and accommodation options to this haven!

Our related itineraries and safari packages to this wilderness are as seen below:

  1. 3 Nights 4 Days Christmas & New Years Group rate departure
  2. 2 Nights 3 Days exclusive safari to Meru National Park (can depart any day of the week)

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