Sangare Tented Camp at the foothill of Aberdare Ranges

Today lets travel to a central highland based property tucked in a private ranch at the foothills of Aberdare Ranges

Sangare Tented Camp is located in a 6500 acre private ranch in the northern foothills of the Aberdare Mountains in Central Kenya.

The camp situated in the Aberdare’s most exquisite settings, overlooks a magnificent fresh water lake against the backdrop of Sangare hill. The spectacular views across the vast savannah make Sangare ranch one of the richest private wildlife sanctuaries.

The terrain hosts elephants, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, leopards, warthogs amongst many others.

Sangare Tented Camp room

Bush Dinner served at Sangare Tented Camp

There are many activities that one can indulge in while at this Sanctuary: These include but not limited to:

Visit to the Historic Mau Mau Caves  You can’t afford to miss this great adventurous experience where we take you on a journey of the actual hide-out of our Historic Mau Mau Heroes who fought for Kenya’s Independence.

Night Game Walk : With lamps tied to your head, a 45 minute night game walk after dinner is a lovely idea.  You cannot go to bed without having seen the Leopard!!

Horseback Riding: Gallop along the magnificent lake across the vast forest while enjoying the humming tunes of our many beautiful species of birds. 

Mountain Biking: Have fun riding bikes on the wonderful terrain as you watch the animals walk by.  You can travel long distances, at your own pace in a completely natural environment. There are few better ways to see the bush!

Boat riding: Spend a leisurely afternoon drifting along the lake in our inflatable canoes in the most peaceful and tranquil  environment.

Bird Walks:Sangare Lake is home to over 300 species of African as well as migratory birds. Enjoy a walk through the variety of birds with our qualified naturalist with lectures on the surrounding areas. 

Trekking: Trek through the vast plains, savannahs, forests as you marvel the various species of animals, birds, plants as you uncover the famous Sangare Hill.

Fly fishing: Take your gear and test yourself to see how good you are at catching the famous ‘Rainbow trout’. Imagine the live BBQ tantalizing feast afterwards.

Mountain Peak’ Breakfast: After having climbed the mountain and enjoyed the amazing views of the Aberdares Valley, a spectacular sunrise awaits you as you enjoy a delicious breakfast. On  clear days, the coronet of Mount Kenya is always a spectacular guarantee

Bush lunch: Enjoy a delicious ‘gourmet’ lunch overlooking magnificent plains and savannahs while you watch the most elegant giraffes and zebras passing nearby. 

Sun downer: Unwind in the evening with a refreshing sun downer on open plains where you watch the changing colors of the African sky as the dust settles and the air cools.

BBQ Dinner at the famous Mau Mau caves: Enjoy the sounds of the African night and the hospitality of our experienced chefs as they prepare a sumptuous live BBQ for you in the midst of the historic Mau Mau caves. This will make your evening truly memorable.

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