The annual wildbeest migration is here with us – July – October 2015

The annual wildbeest migration is here with us – July – October 2015

I have always wondered about the ever consistent occurrence of the annual migration that consists of Gnus (wildebeests) and Zebras within the Maasai Mara and Serengeti ecosystems.The creator of the universe made sure that He scheduled this phenomenon in His calendar of events.

Am sure most of you if not all have read, heard, watched on media or even witnessed this great show once or several times. I have done all these a couple of times. At least once every year, i treat myself to a 2 Nights get-away. Every time I do that and even though the script is read from the same book, the show is never the same and is often presented in a different dimension. All I can say is that this earthly show has never ceased to capture God`s masterpiece of His creation.

This year is no different; word has it that the beasts of the Serengeti are already streaming in their usual huge numbers into Maasai Mara. What better way to beat the Kenyan winter than to escape for a weekend to the magnificent Maasai Mara?

You ask, is it even possible to do a last minute booking? Yes indeed!! See below a few of our scheduled and group packages that you can easily sign up for. You need a customized and / private safari? not to worry, we have that too at super affordable market rates without loosing our grand personal touch!

Hoping to see you on the lanes of the vast Mara plains.

Maasai Mara Group Schedule Packages
Maasai Mara Group Schedule Packages – 1 Night, 2 Nights
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