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CRA-K 031: 2 Nights 3 Days Walking Safari – Tour through Aberdare Ranges

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Aberdare National Park offers a raft of activities paralleled by few other wildlife parks. These include:
  • Trekking and hiking: Some of Kenya's finest trekking and hiking trails crisscross the Aberdare's lower slopes and moorland.
  • Mountain biking: Given its high altitudes, Aberdare Kenya is a great place to hone your mountain biking skills while taking in the awesome sights of Kenya wildlife as well as the breathtaking landscapes.
  • Sightseeing: If you are yearning for a generous doze of green, the Aberdare ranges Kenya is right up your alley as it is heavily forested.

CRA-K 032: 5 Nights 6 Days Amboseli – Ol pejeta & Sweet Waters – Samburu

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Samburu National Reserve is 90km north of Mt Kenya and about 360km North of Nairobi. It is situated on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, a Samburu name, meaning the "River of Brown water". This means plenty of water, trees and shade to attract wildlife.

Samburu Reserve would be incomplete without a visit to the hippo pools where large numbers of Big –five Elephants wallow in the cooling muds of the River. Ewaso Nyiro River is favorite spot for prides of Lion to rest in the shade. There is also stunning birdlife with are recorded species of over 400. The Samburu complex is also home to Samburu herdsmen who can be seen driving their herds through the dust, dressed in striking red blankets and carrying spears.


CRA-K 033: 6 Nights 7 Days Samburu - Aberdare - Lake Nakuru - Lake Naivasha

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This safari takes you to the Northern Kenya Tourism Circuit – Samburu and to Aberdare National Park right at the base of Mount Kenya where on clear days the coronet peas of Batian and Nelion are seen. We later head to Lake Nakuru famous for its pink colored greater and lesser flamingos. The climax is then to Lake Naivasha the fresh water lake which are famous with bird watchers

Highlights: Game and Bird Watching, Cultural experience, Scenery, Wildlife, Photography, Boating, Island Adventure, Nature Trails.


CRA-K 034: 7 Nights 8 Days Samburu - Marsabit - Chalbi Desert - Jade Sea - Maralal

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This rugged 1,800 km expedition is designed for ardent adventure lovers. We travel into the heart of the northern Kenya wilds. We traverse through some of the Africa's most challenging roads, see beautiful mountain forests surrounded on all sides by hot dusty deserts, eventually arriving at the desert ocean – the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana). On our way, we will encounter a variety of people and tribes, whose lives are little touched by modern lifestyle. We may also get to cross the shimmering seemingly endless sands of the Chalbi Desert - if dry. During the rains it becomes an enormous shallow lake. We end up at Lake Turkana located in a region that is one of the great sources of evidence of the emergence of modern man. The lake has an impressive variety of birdlife and the big game fishing is spectacular.

Highlights: Game and Bird Watching, Camping, Lake Turkana, Culture, Ethnic, Scenery, Wildlife, Photography and Nyahururu falls {formerly Thompson falls}.


CRA-K 035: 11 Nights 12 days Best of Kenya - Aberdare - Lake Nakuru - Maasai Mara - Lake Naivasha - Amboseli - Tsavo West – Mombasa

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This tour combines Kenya's twin attractions - the Kenyan Wildlife safari and beach experience. We begin at Aberdare National Park where you find icy rivers, spectacular waterfalls, rain forests and an abundance of wildlife. On to Lake Nakuru, the flamingo belted lake and bird haven. Its also is an important refuge for endangered species. We then head to Maasai Mara, Kenya's most famous and finest game sanctuary through Lake Naivasha. Drive south to Amboseli at the foothills of Africa's highest peak - Mount Kilimanjaro. Amboseli National Park is renowned for its huge African Elephant herds. The final Kenyan wildlife park would then be Tsavo east famed as the Man - eaters lions of Tsavo. The safari terminates at Mombasa Island where you will be left enjoying activities at the beach and the leisurely pace of life at the Kenyan coast before catching your domestic flight back into Nairobi and on to your outbound flight.

Highlights: Game and Bird Watching, Lodging, Culture, Ethnic, Scenery, Wildlife, Photography, Boating, Island Adventure, Nature Trails, Rhino Sanctuary, Mzima Springs, Chyulu Hills, Shetani Lava, Picnic sites, Chaimu Rock, Ngulia Hills, Pristine Beaches.


CRA-K 036: 11 Nights 12 Days Best of Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar Combo

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Highlights: Game and Bird Watching, Lodging, Culture, Ethnic, Mt Kilimanjaro, Scenery, Wildlife, Photography, Island Adventure, Nature Trails, Picnic sites, Pristine Beaches.

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